Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours are recommended?
Research into Early Intensive Behavioural Interventions (EIBI) have shown that between 30-40 hours per week of 1:1 intervention result in the best outcomes (Eldevill, Hastings, & Hughes, 2012).
Do I need to find my own therapist?
No, we will train and match an in-home ABA therapist specially for your child’s program.

Can I employ an independent therapist to work with my child?
No, due to workplace health and safety measures we require all therapists to be employed by ASD Community Support and undergo intensive in-house training.
Can I go shopping/run errands when the therapist is in my home?
No, parents are still responsible for their child during home therapy sessions and parental obligation cannot be discharged to the therapist.
Can I engage ASD Community Support to perform an assessment?
Yes, assessments can be performed by the program supervisor. Please contact us on (02) 6181 0974 or email us at